About the artist Toby Willsmer

‘I just let my imagination run riot... then draw it’

What I look like

Toby is a published professional illustrator with a traditional looking but digitally painted style.

Now living in New Zealand, he was born in the UK in the 70s and was heavily inspired by comics and the artwork within them. This can be seen today in his illustrations and the way he translates ideas into images.

All aspects of his artwork are hand drawn and by using vivid colours, capturing movement, lighting and a dose of his humour, he makes each piece edgy and dynamic.

Toby's artistic style sits comfortably in the comics, graphic novels, books covers, album art, fantasy and sci-fi genres as well as painting the odd zombie portrait here and there. Toby has yet to add children's books to that list!

Clients include:

Rebellion logo 2000ad logo Spectrum Films logo ImagineFX logo


Currently open for commercial and private commissions, contact me for all enquires.


Based in Wellington, New Zealand
Current NZ time:

Free comic:

The Devils Henchman
 FREE Download PDF (6.2mb)
The UFO Diaries
 FREE Download PDF (4.9mb)

Articles & Interviews:

2000ad issue 2318

Latest 2000ad covers uncovered

Issue 2332

2000ad run a cover feature for each published issue. Breaking down the process for how my most recent cover art was created.

Read here
Imagine FX magazine issue 219

Imagine FX magazine

Issue 219

Created a tutorial on movement and dynamics and how to capture them in an illustration.

Imagine FX magazine issue 211

Imagine FX magazine

2000ad 45 year special - Issue 211

Interviewed as a 2000ad artist to celebrate their 45th anniversary.

NZ Artist magazine issue 35

NZ Artist magazine

Volume 5 - Issue 35

Interviewed as one of their featured artists.